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It was inevitable that Black would soon be rumbling down into the valley, so Vivian and Jake made ready for any unannounced visit from the vicious gang leader. Since the night of the big rainstorm, they had been sleeping together either at her cabin or his cabin. Vivian was very happy with the arrangement.  She had always loved sex, and all the more when it was love making rather than hasty quickies.

Vivian was enjoying major thrills, not only because Jake was large, strong, lean and good looking.  She admitted to herself that there was an additional thrill in the awareness that her lover was more than twenty years younger than she was. He was a more liberated lover than she had experienced.  The feeling of clean innocence was in the atmosphere, even though the actual love making was extreme, with foreplay sometimes lasting more than an hour.

There were massages, too. Jake would lay Vivian out on a dining room table with sofa cushions on it.  He would place a sheet over her, put on warm, sensual music and light the room with candles.  His massage was actually a full-body caress, first the back, from skull to toes for about half an hour, then the front, from face to toes. Whatever variations Jake might make in the over all caress, it always ended the same way. Jake would put one of Vivian’s legs over his shoulder and caress her vagina with his lips and tongue until her deep orgasms were exhausted.

Every six days, Viv would get her gardening kit from Jake and trek off through the forest to plot C. Aside from the heavy weight of the liquid fertilizer that she hauled into the burgeoning hemp plants, she enjoyed the time in the forest. It was quiet, with bird songs and  insect sounds over the whisper of the breeze in the treetops. The sun shone through the foliage and created dappled shadows that danced on the ground before her.  The return walk was even more enjoyable as the duffle bag was much lighter.

On one occasion, Jake surprised Vivian in the forest after she had completed her gardening work. They lay on the ground that was a bed of dry leaves and amid the innocent forest sounds, scents and colours, they made love for almost two hours. They were resting when the distant rumble of Black’s Harley and his two sidekicks’ reached their ears. Jake dressed hastily and ran through the forest to emerge onto the road from a different direction.  Viv dressed and made her way back to Jake’s cabin as she always did.

Black was already at Jake’s cabin with the woman and man with whom he rode and Jake was walking down the road from plot B.  Vivian was walking from the far side where plot C is.  They arrived in front of Black at the same time.

“Everybody’s takin’ care o’ business, it seems,” Black said.

“Nothin’ else t’do,” Jake said. “Besides, it’s really nice in the forest these days.”

“And the newest member of our team?” Black said. “How’s it goin’ Viv?”

“It’s like Jake says, it’s nice in the forest, so I make the best of it. I stuck my nose where it didn’t belong, and now I’m stuck between a rock and a soft place.”

“What do  you mean by that,” Black said.

“I mean I have this criminal responsibility that I brought on myself – that’s the rock – and I have my cozy cabin in this wonderful valley, that’s the soft place.”

“Let’s go up to that soft place and smoke some good stuff,” Black said. He put his powerful hand around Vivian’s upper arm and walked her that way whether she wanted to go or not.

Vivian could feel that something bad was going to happen. Black was going to take her against her will. Jake could feel it too, and he sat in  his cabin smoking and struggling against the desire to stop Black. He began to wonder why he should struggle against it. He realized he really loved Vivian Montgomery, and he was not going to let Black tarnish Vivian. He headed  up the dusty road while the two outriders warned him to stay away.  He ignored them.  They began to follow him from a long way back. Jake was determined to stop Black.