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In his blind fury at Black seducing Vivian for fun while he actually cared about her, Jake burst into Vivian’s cabin before he’d even thought of what he’d do next. He just wanted to interrupt whatever was going on between them. What he saw was Black and Vivian sitting on the sofa sharing a joint. They looked up at him in surprise.
“What’s in that joint?” Jake growled.
“What’s it to you, Jake?” Black said. “You’re not really going to defend the maiden’s honour here, are you?”
“As a matter of fact, I am,” Jake said. Black stood up, took another toke on the joint and handed it to Vivian before he lunged at Jake. Jake sidestepped easily and chopped Black in the back of his neck with the edge of his hand. Black was dazed and sat on the floor for a moment rubbing his neck and shaking his head as if to clear it. He looked up at Jake and lunged again, this time a seven inch blade protruded from his hand. Black slashed Jake’s cheek before Jake could dodge the sweeping lunge. When he saw the blood, Black assumed the fight was won and paused. Jake seized the opportunity and kicked Black’s knife hand. The weapon flew behind a chair.
Disarmed, Black looked around for something to use as a weapon until Vivian took a heavy vase and broke it over Black’s head. At the same time, Black’s cohorts burst in. What they saw was a raw gash in Jake’s cheeks, Black laid out on the floor and Vivian just standing there.
“Don’t just stand there, assholes,” Jake said. “Take your boss and get out of here.”
“What happened to him?” the girl asked.
“I beat the shit out of him,” Jake said, taking advantage of the opportunity to enhance his reputation in the gang. “Tell the rest of them that Jake beat the shit out of Black. Black used a knife, Jake used nothing, so Jake rules.”
They half walked, half dragged Black out of Vivian’s cabin. Vivian went to work on Jake’s wound.
“You’re going to have a scar,” she said, “Like a Nazi commandant or a pirate.”
“Or a Biker,” He smiled and winced because it hurt the wound.
“What will happen now?” Vivian said.
“There will be a meeting where the situation is discussed, and that’s where it will be decided what will happen now,” Jake said.
“What will happen with you and me?” Vivian said.
“We’ll do our work, make lots of money, live in the forest and make love a lot.”
“Will we live together?”
“Don’t you think it would be good to have our own places to go to,” Jake said. “We can stay with each other when we feel like it, at either cabin and still have our own space.”
“Okay, let’s try it like that then,” Vivian said. “So we can start at my place, now.” She took Jake to her bed where they made love ‘til they slept. When they awakened, they made love again after which Jake went to his own cabin. Tomorrow they’d be working in the forest, and they could make love there, in the warmth of the sun.