I used to visit a chiropractor once in a while. It helped me a little, but my payments to him helped him a lot. One day, David was grumbling that he might have been tricked by an Orthodox Rabi that came to the door. He said he was raising money to send poor Jewish kids to Orthodox summer camp.

After he had made a donation and the bearded man had left, David began to squirm inside himself. He got it into his head that the guy was just making his own living, going door to door in Jewish neighbourhoods. David was not a totally together guy, and I wanted to help him get over his frustration over a problem that might not exist.

I have often been the victim of some kind, as have most of us. We get cheated on car repairs, or pay more than we should for a toaster or something like that. I simply told David something I long-since realized: The Victim is not The Sinner. The perpetrator, the victimizer, in other words, has done wrong. The victim has done no wrong and can live as a good person. The sinner will have to settle for ill-gotten gains… a feeble reward compared the feeling of being good and right.