I sometimes wonder why some people become incensed at transient things. Just wait your turn and it will come around. In politics, be it municipal, provincial, or federal, whoever is IN is despised while whoever is OUT is beloved.

You hate the supermarket since the new people took it over and raised prices terribly. You and others who had been regular customers found other places to fill your needs. Competition is a wonderful thing. From time to time, one returns to the former favourite place and notices that prices fall into line. They realized it’s wiser to accept a smaller markup on many sales than it is to grab unfair markups on dwindling sales.

In sports, the heroes are usually adored and supported while underdogs are also favoured as they rise. Some individuals are just irritating although they are superb in their sport. Even at their pinnacle, they have millions of haters. In Formula One Grand Prix racing, Lewis Hamilton is perhaps the best of the field right now. As such, he has millions of admirers. He also has millions of haters.

Most older, long-time fans and followers of Formula One like the traditional image of the Grand Prix winner. Usually, they are suave, intelligent, and conservative in dress and word. Lewis Hamilton is covered with tattoos, dresses flamboyantly and wears large diamond studs in his ears. This might be the driver at the pinnacle of motor sports in the future, but for older purists, Hamilton’s personal manner and presentation suck.

This inappropriate appearance by Hamilton will fade in F1. His ambitions are in show business, and his skill will diminish and more likeable drivers will move into prominence. Many F1 fans look forward to the time when Lewis Hamilton moves out of Formula One and on to a pursuit that might appreciate excessive talk and flash.