Are you one of them? The lovely women whose offices are in large downtown buildings?  Are you one of the professionals that we see standing outside building entrances? Some of you cower in alcoves to escape the wind while you desperately suck in nicotine smoke. You know it’s killing you, you know it makes you smell, and it makes a fool of you as you stand out in the cold, feeding your addiction.


I’ll never forget the day I quit. I was behind the wheel of my car, stopped at a traffic light. On the corner, also waiting for the green light was a stunning woman. She was tall, lean, with excellent posture and a perfectly tailored business suit. Suddenly she lifted a cigarette I hadn’t seen to her lips.

In seconds, she became less attractive. As she let the two streams of smoke glide from her nostrils, she began nervously flicking, flicking, flicking non-existent ashes from her cigarette. At that moment she became completely unattractive to me.

The light turned green and I drove off. At that moment, the announcer on the car radio said, “It’s national quit smoking month, folks”. I thought that I must also look like a loser fool when I smoke. The thought punished me. When I got to my destination, I opened my briefcase, extracted the half-pack of Camel filters, crumpled it into dust and discarded it in a garbage bin.

I’ve not tasted tobacco in any form since that day almost thirty years ago.