I am always surprised at the casual way Americans regard and treat their firearms. They seem to see their handguns as simple accessories, rather than the lethal danger that they present by merely being present.

Your beloved ‘framers’ were careful to specify their gun law. Guns were meant to be in a legally organized militia against a common enemy. But millions of people believe that it says they can own, carry and show their guns no matter who they are. Wrong!

I am moved to write about it because I see that you gun lovers can get your favourite killing machine beautifully coated in shimmering colours.

https://www.cerakoteguncoatings.com will be happy to make your gun a fashion trinket.

I watch many real crime police investigation shows, like “48 Hours”. Many times, in telling the story, the victim or witness will say, “I took my gun out of my purse and…”.

Don’t you people realize that your casual acceptance of guns is insane? Thirty-three thousand gun deaths per year in the USA, Hillary Clinton said on television this morning.

A mom, a teacher, a lawyer, a doctor should not have a casual attitude toward firearms. They are deadly and should be recognized as extreme. I fear even visiting the USA because everybody has guns and some are crazy people.