We can play ‘til our heart’s content. We can love with all our heart. We have heartfelt feelings and I know in my heart something is wrong.

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The heart is a muscle. A truly amazing muscle to be sure, running our pump system every second of every day from birth to death. But it really is just a pump.

Doing anything ‘til our heart’s content will never happen. Our heart can’t feel contentment because it’s just a pump.

What we really mean to say when we knowingly attribute feelings and beliefs to the heart is… something for which we should have a word.

I would use the word ‘spirit’. Some people would call it ‘soul’, but I don’t believe in soul. I believe in spirit, because we can feel in high spirits or have lost our spirit for something. It’s how we feel, and the heart is just a pump. We need the heart to live, along with kidneys, livers, glands and valves and what have you.

We need the spirit to get the most out of life while the mechanism carries on.