I rarely engage in arguments. I prefer to let the adversary talk it out. However, if I am maneuvered into an argument, I present my points as clearly as possible. I also listen carefully to my adversary’s points, and I genuinely try to accept their points if I possibly can. I don’t cling to my own preference for fear it might blind me to a convincing point on the part of my adversary.

The best part of all is on those occasions when I am convinced of my adversary’s point of view and can comfortably adopt it. I am glad to have lost the argument because I gained the insight that corrects my point of view. I see that my view was inaccurate before I changed my view.

My adversary has actually lost, because they did not learn from my points as I learned from theirs. Had I convinced my adversary, I would have not learned a new view, while they gained by accepting the more accurate points that I presented.

That’s my view.