The way I see it, millions of us might never be robbed or burgled, yet we must all be guarded all the time because some of us will be robbed or worse. It seems to me like a peculiar situation. There might be a pick-pocket in Wisconsin and I might be in Louisiana, but I have to watch my wallet because he might be here… maybe; or yet another thief might be standing near me now. Maybe not. Maybe.

Imagine if we were able to weed out all the crooks from this planet’s society. Nobody steals or lies or murders. No safe deposit boxes, no safes, no locks, no alarms, no surveillance cameras.

Actually, that seems rather bland. The bad guys are usually the most colourful. Unfortunately, some of them rape and kill and torture and so on, so we’d have to be selective about which criminals we’d allow to… stay.

I wonder about prison. Is it for rehabilitation? Is it for punishment? Is it for revenge? Is it to keep the bad guys out of society? In any case, it seems outrageous that that honest society my spend billions of dollars annually to house, feed, clothe, provide medical care and generally protect the inmates. Devil’s Island might have virtues.

I doubt I will ever understand why convicted murderers desire life in prison rather than death by gas or injection. I don’t understand what’s so horrible about death that one would rather live like a zoo creature than be gently put to sleep without pain. I don’t know why they fight to delay execution for decades. I would ask the judge for mercy, and have me executed at the earliest possible moment. Let’s get on with it. Everybody dies, but most don’t know when. I’d know.