That person at work, or at the bank, or across the street from your home, is always on your mind. Perhaps he’s a man you met at a meeting, or a woman you met at a dinner party. Perhaps you are eager for dinner at a new restaurant. You anticipate great things when you look forward to a date with this attractive person.

You might have to face an irate client or an auto repair bill. One might need to travel, by plane, train or bus and hate it. One might have to break off a relationship or fire an employee. Anticipation of these dark times can be emotionally disturbing.

The fact is, the anticipation is always far more intense than is the reality. You are almost trembling, anticipating a most enjoyable time with the person to whom you’ve been attracted. You do, in fact enjoy the evening… but not to the lofty level that you had anticipated.

You might anticipate a painful time with an irate client, or fear facing a frightening, unexpected bill. You suffer discomfort, knowing you have to terminate an employee or travel a long way on a bad carrier. Again, anticipation is heavier than the reality. The client is easily satisfied with some attention, the bill is less than you feared it might be and the train ride was comfortable and uneventful.

Looking forward to good and looking forward to bad, in either case, the reality will be less intense than was the level of anticipation.

Now I anticipate watching the Formula One Spanish Grand Prix during this weekend. I hope the race is as intense as is my anticipation