It’s one of the many things that I don’t understand about women. I do understand woman better than do most men, but there remains many mysteries, thank goodness. For me, making love should be a long, slow evolution of caresses and kisses mounting gradually toward the woman’s massive climax. That orgasm can be very full because of the tender preparation by her lover.

Rough sex, as it’s called, is a mystery to me. Often in television dramas, two people are hungry for each other and charge into the sex space shedding clothing and frantically clutching at each other. How does anyone find that stimulating. I find it stupid.

The worst words a man like me can hear are, “We can always be friends.” I’ve heard that only from women that want rough sex and were dissatisfied with my gentle ways. On one occasion a lover asked me for anal penetration. She said that she was always interested in experiencing it but feared it would be painful, and felt that my tender ways would enable her to enjoy it without pain.

Too many of my lovers have complained about the crude approach of many men. They hurry to penetration and orgasm. I don’t understand that. When the man has his orgasm, it signals the end of the fun. I don’t want it to end and I don’t care if I have no orgasm. It’s a damn mess anyway. An eager, loving application of experienced cunnilingus can deliver a woman of several orgasms. After that, a final, mutual orgasm through penetration can bring sleep before a shower together and an evening out.