This may not interest you, but I have to tell somebody. I am a long-time fan of Formula One Grand Prix auto racing. In recent years, the British Driver named Lewis Hamilton has been quite fantastic and earned two world championships. Formula One is basically a British sport and we Canadians watch it on TSN from Sky TV in England. So what’s my problem?

The British commentators go on and on about Hamilton, even when he is doing nothing. His teammate, Nico Rosberg, is flying out in front, other drivers are enjoying very dramatic fights through corners, and the voice over is Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton. Well, Jenson Button is British too, but he is rarely mentioned although he’s a fine person and likeable.

Here is the worst rub: Lewis Hamilton is an ill-raised, ill-mannered buffoon with huge diamond ear studs and an attitude of ‘entitlement’ that is horribly irritating to people of taste and quality.

In conclusion, I wish the Brits would realize that the whole damn world is watching F1, in every country on this planet. Many of us find Hamilton disgusting in spite of his great talent in the car. But he’s a prick, and it is very irritating to have him get so much focus when many other drivers and teams on the grid are more popular and more important.