This endless thing between men and women takes many varied forms. With some exceptions, a man wants a woman. Also with some exceptions, a woman wants to be wanted by a man. This seems like a very workable setup… but it isn’t, and I don’t know why.

I’m old now, so I know a lot of stuff. I didn’t age in a simple, secure way, so my adventures have shown me much about a wide variety of subjects. I have been tormented by the typical male animal need to mate with as many females as possible. I’ve enjoyed my success, and so did my lovers, I believe.

Sometimes, while walking my dog or sitting in my car at a traffic light, I see a person that appears to be unattractive. He might be obese and red-faced. She might be shuffling along in tacky garments, grey faced with depression. I say to myself, “Did that person ever experience the feeling of being desired?” Probably not, I conclude, but then why stay alive?

Whenever I have been desired by a woman and enjoying the comfortable intimacy, I have thought to myself how splendid it is. How wonderful that this lovely, fragrant person shares herself with me as I do with her. We make love with each other, not to each other. I’m sad for anyone that has not enjoyed that feeling frequently in life.