It happens so often to people who have lived a simple life until fame and fortune are foisted upon them. One must be of a certain nature and character to be comfortable as a subject of intense interest by millions of strangers. Managing sudden wealth is also a stressful chore. For one thing, one becomes inundated by vultures begging donations for medical needs, for charities, for inventions, for anything you can imagine. For those generous souls who fund friends and relatives, loneliness comes soon. The recipients of the generosity shamefacedly avoid their benefactor.

Poor Susan Boyle, the singing sensation who went from zero to miracle after an appearance on “Britain’s Got Talent”. The simple, impoverished frump has been primped and painted, pushed and led into a busy life that is totally unlike any she had ever known. As a result, some imbalance occurs. Now, poor Susan Boyle is cracking from pressure, being ushered out of airports for irrational behavior.

If unexpected wealth comes your way, tread carefully and wisely as you progress in your life.