I suppose most ‘plain’ people are aware of the way attractive people get things easily. Beginning in our teens, the good-looking guys easily get dates and girlfriends. Many times, the handsome guy might not realize that not every guy gets girls or jobs or deals more easily then guys of plain looks. We get what we get in life, and it’s foolhardy to make comparisons with others. Be assured, they also have their bag of dung to carry.

Receptionists give you tips on who’s in and who’s out in the office. Waitresses and flight attendants give you extra whatever, and cashiers flirt with you.

For women, I think it must be different. Most men desire sex almost all the time. Nature makes the male that way. That means that most women are being observed as a possible lover almost all the time. An attractive woman is always aware of the interest in her by the surrounding males. For less attractive women there are less attractive men, so they get attention as well.

Some advice for attractive men and women: avoid depending on your physical appearance too much. It is not permanent, and will decay. However, if you also develop your character and personality, it doesn’t matter about looks. Real beauty comes from within, so be beautiful no matter how you look.