We cannot be other than what we are. No matter what sexual preference one has, nor what sex that one lives as, one is what one is. In any situation between people over an extended period of time, differences of opinion and various preferences come to the fore.

Most often, people allow for differences. They compromise for common sense reasons. Perhaps a woman chooses floral wallpaper that her male counterpart dislikes. An immature man will complain, perhaps be upset, and perhaps rant. A man who knows his way around a relationship might have a more mature reaction.

“That’s very nice,” he says. “I like that it brightens the room.” She smiles and kisses him.

The reason is; it doesn’t really matter. It’s just not important. The important part in the situation is the feeling of unity, of appreciation and relief the woman receives. Insecure men feel they must dominate and rule the roost. Men who understand that women are totally different from us (men) learn to not expect women to be on the same path as we are. Usually, the man’s path is stupid and driven by erroneous expectations. The woman’s path is likely to be more practical, with an eye on opportunities and realistic career strategies.

Of course, the woman is more important just as the female of most species is more important than the male. A couple that understands the difference between being ‘a couple’ and being two people sharing life’s adventures, will flourish.