The reason for the trend to facial hair is to declare one’s masculinity. As we know, facial hair is the enemy of femininity, so women take care to obliterate it.

While beards are the domain of men, it is women that bare their chests. Not their breasts, of course, except in specified areas and situations. But the chest above the boobs is most often exposed. Newscasters, office workers, waitresses, clerks and saleswomen all usually expose their chest via a semi-low neckline. I assume it’s the opposite gender’s display to balance the beard display.

My daughter is a fashion and costume professional, so I asked her the reason for the exposed chests. She simply answered with one word, “style”. I knew in an instant she was correct. I could feel it as I realized that it’s about style. The interest in boobs happens just a couple of inches below the chest, properly covered and fascinating. The bare chest sometimes shows cleavage, but usually just shows chest. It’s a good thing, because breasts are all too often a distraction in most any situation.