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I’m sure you know more than one sociopath because I believe more than half of society is made up of sociopaths. They don’t care about anything, trivial or important. They don’t feel anything if they hurt or humiliate you, they don’t feel love or shame… they just don’t feel anything. Like all the swine that have stolen poor peoples’ retirement funds. They’re the Ponzi schemers, the penny stock hustlers who don’t have feelings about what they’re taking from innocent people who need it.

I knew one sociopath who simply had no feelings of justice or morality. He cared only for himself. On one important occasion he physically restrained his wife from attending her father’s funeral. Some of his income came when he serviced fire safety equipment in factories and warehouses. But he didn’t really service them. He went to the customers’ properties; he looked around at the fire extinguishers, got a foreman’s signature and sent a bill. He didn’t care for one second that a fire might happen and the fire equipment might not function. It wasn’t his problem if workers died in flames. He believed that people who left themselves open to being tricked deserve to be tricked and he deserved to take the advantage.

My second wife was the eventual realization of what a sociopath is. I separate sociopath from psychopath although I really think they’re the same. I choose to think that the sociopath has no feelings and little care about right and wrong. I choose to think of a psychopath as one that could be a mass murderer or torture and maim with little care.

It doesn’t have to be violent. My sociopath was just humiliating. She was flirtatious, self-important, lazy, and narcissistic. My feelings were without value of any kind because there was nothing in them for her. She told me once that she didn’t know what love is. That meant nothing to me because nobody knows what love is. It’s a mystery emotion. In Masha’s case though, within the pretty packaging of her lovely China doll face and lithe, shapely body and legs, there was emptiness.

My third wife was sick too, but in a different way. However, she is a sociopath at the same time. Any person who is focused on what they want and don’t care about your point of view is a sociopath. From the guy who feels he has the right to butt in front of you in a line of people or cars to the guy who sells you stocks that fall off the chart the next day, they’re all sociopaths. It’s a shame that we all must live life in a defensive way because some of us can’t be trusted.