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They run for money, power and control. They’re supposed to run to do good for the people… all the people. They run for their own benefit and that of their cronies. What about separation of church and state? The lying pricks profess to be believers and to attend church on Sundays. I don’t believe it. I believe there’s way too much church and religious stuff in politics. There is supposed to be none, so any is too much.

Why doesn’t the American public rise up and get justice for all. Put George W. Bush and Richard Cheney in jail and you’ll be making a terrific step toward honesty and greatness. Why let the bastards keep laughing at you in private while they roll around on the money they stole from you.

On a separate note: Why can’t you people realize or admit that the proliferation of firearms everywhere in your country is bad and dangerous? If you could see how crazy it is when we watch American television and regularly see all kinds of people from all walks of life, of any gender, calmly say, “So I grabbed my gun”, or “I took my gun from the bedside drawer”, or “My Dad bought me a .22 for my fourteenth birthday”. That’s madness, folks. Read and believe the statistics comparing your gun deaths versus Britain’s or Canada’s. How can you deny the evil of a gun in every glove-box or drawer or pocket? It’s crazy.