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I guess it might seem macabre, but everybody dies and it’s an important part of life. The thought of it never ending is horrifying to me. I’m grateful that there’s an end to the constant battle that is life even though I’m now pretty close to my final hour. Almost all of us have no idea when we’re going to die. Perhaps the only people that know the exact time, day and place of their demise is the people on death row. Some have been told the moment when they are actually set to die.

I have not actually been told to expect death. On the contrary, I’ve been told that I’m fortunate and have a good likelihood of living much longer than the average. Formerly, I was not particularly happy to get that information. I’ve done most everything in life that I wanted to do, seen most everything I wanted to see, so I was ready.

Life handed me a new inspiration: I unexpectedly gained a grandchild late in life, and it has changed everything. I’m going to do what I can to live into my nineties so I can see this incredible kid into maturity. I also want to be available for her and perhaps positively influence her when she is attracted to the dangerous sides of life.

In any case, she’s given me a reason to care how long I live. However, if I was given just three months to live before I became incapacitated, I’d want to do something worthwhile with the remaining time. Of course, one thinks of jerk-off things like running credit cards to the limit just before you die. I’m sure the plastic people would wring it out of your surviving family anyway.

How about being a suicide bomber? You’re going to die soon anyway, so maybe you can find a way to take out some bad guys in one big flash. Or assassinate an evil big-shot without worrying about getting out alive. Of course, donating your body to a medical school is a good thing to do, so perhaps it would be better to not be blown to bits.

I know this: I would not run around doing all those unique activities like sky diving or bungee jumping. I would try to get serene. I’d probably just live in a mature hardwood forest, put out apples to bring the deer around, walk in the woods with my dog, take pictures of interesting fungi and warped trees. Watch the sun rise and set. Paddle around in a canoe. Catch a fish. Write a poem. Die.