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“Right now,” he said, “we’d better get ready to go to work, or we’ll both be in trouble. Marni went to the bathroom to complete her morning ablutions while Clay washed the breakfast dishes and cutlery. When he walked into her bedroom, she was standing naked in front of a full-length mirror. Her fabulous proportions immediately aroused the heat in him. He turned her around and kissed her. During the kiss, they tumbled onto the bed. Before they could be reasonable about their actions, they were engaged in a tangle of passionate sexual activities. They coupled like crazed animals, using their hands, their feet, their tongues and lips to heighten the tumultuous feelings that coursed through them with each and every stimulating touch. Finally they tore themselves away from the drug-like sexual explosion and silently readied themselves for the day’s work.
Each within his and her mind explored the events meticulously. Both were overwhelmed by the perfection of their time together. A casual one-night-stand was not expected to be so fulfilling. It was not just the sex and the wonderful orgasms. Each of them marvelled at the delicate touch of the other. Both felt a warmth and sanctuary in each other’s arms. Both were sufficiently intelligent and experienced to realise that the feelings they enjoyed together were unlikely to be permanent. Yet Clayton Wing and Marni Latimer independently of one another were coping with the unaccustomed feelings of closeness, of belonging, and of trust.
Marni reached her office just a few minutes late and her boss was not in yet, so she suffered no difficulties because of the last passionate frenzy she’d enjoyed with Clay after breakfast. Almost immediately, Lynn Raymond leaned over Marni’s desk.
“Who is it,” Lynn asked with a sly grin.
“Who is what?” Marni asked innocently.
“Who is it that gave you that look.”
“What look?”
“That ‘I got laid last night like I never got laid before’ look,” Lynn said.
“Oh my god!” Marni gasped. “Does it show?”
“Does it show!” laughed Lynn. She waved her arm in a wide arc, theatrically. “You walked in here and lit up the whole room. And it looked like your feet weren’t touching the ground.” Marni decided that she’d better give up some information or risk having it known she’d had a one-night-stand with a stranger… the cab driver who took her home from work.
“His name is Clayton Wing,” Marni said.
“Where did you meet him?” Lynn asked, surprised that she got the name.
“He’s a singer,” Marni said.
“A singer?” Lynn said. “Where did you meet a singer?” Marni decided to lie. She intended to see Clay again… and again, and again. She took the liberty to lie, just to make the day go by. She still had a job to do.
“At the Club Starlight,” she said.
“Are you going to see him again?” asked Lynn, skeptically.
“Sunday night,” Marni said truthfully. She fully intended to spend the entire evening at the club, just to see Clay and hear him sing.
Throughout the day, co-workers who somehow felt some different energy from Marni plagued her. The men, who had long since given up trying to take her out for drinks or off to weekends in Miami, suddenly were again circling her like sharks after a wounded seal. The women were even worse. While the men didn’t know why they were suddenly aroused anew by Marni, the women knew the reason very well. They could see it on her. They could almost smell it on her. And they demanded details.