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Marni woke to the fragrance of fresh coffee and toast. She lay back for a minute, recalling every moment of the night of splendour she enjoyed with Clay. She felt no shame at her reckless behaviour in bringing a stranger into her home… into her bed. Rather, she was pleased with her accuracy in evaluating Clayton Wing as a man of kind gentleness. What she had not reckoned on was his skill in the gentle use of his hands, his lips, and his remarkably durable penis. Marni had never in her life felt so completed, so fulfilled and satisfied. If he were now also making breakfast for her, her every dream would be fulfilled.
Marni slipped into a flowing white housecoat and went to the small kitchen. Clayton had set the table with two glasses of orange juice, two plates of whole-wheat toast, two mugs of coffee, some butter, jam and two knives. Clay turned to her with a warm smile. He was barefoot and bare chested, wearing only his pants. As before, Marni’s breath caught in her throat when she saw him standing there in her kitchen. She had been without a lover for many more months than she cared to admit to herself. Now, this magnificent, gentle, exotic man was making breakfast for her, after a night of passion and tenderness that far outclassed any of her previous experiences. She tried to push thoughts of an ongoing relationship with Clay out of her mind. She had no reason to expect that this was anything more than a one-night-stand. A magnificent, deeply enjoyable and satisfying one-night-stand, but a one-night-stand all the same. Clay pulled a chair out for her, parodying a butler’s actions. Marni slipped into the chair.
“Why thank you sir,” she said. Clay bent and kissed the back of her neck, and she almost melted from the rush of feelings that coursed through her.
“I hope you don’t mind that I messed around in your kitchen,” he said.
“To have a wonderful man make my breakfast after a night of making love to me is paradise. No, I don’t mind in the least. In fact…” she paused and decided to go on, “I wouldn’t mind if you would be here to make breakfast for me every morning after a night of lovemaking like that.”
“You’re quite an inspiration, Marni,” he said. “You really are magnificent to look at, and your fragrance and the sweet taste of you are equal to your looks. I really don’t see why you’re living alone. Surely there are many men who want you.”
“Yes… men who want to use me and move on. They think that I wouldn’t be a good wife, mother, and homemaker just because of how I look.” She said. “Looking like I look can be as much of a burden as being very plain or unattractive. Sure, I could have rich and powerful lovers, but I would just be another of their possessions.”

“You’re worthy of much more than that, Marni,” Clay said.
“To you?” she said. “Would you consider a relationship with me?”
“Consider it? Yes, I’d consider it after a while,” he said.
“Will I see you again?” she said, looking for the truth in his eyes.
“I have a life, Marni,” he said. “I have no desire to be a cab driver. It’s just that it allows me the freedom to pursue my ambitions.”
“What are your ambitions,” she asked. “You know ‘way more about me than I know about you. Who are you, really?”
“I hope to be a singer and songwriter,” he said. “I only drive the cab to pay my rent, buy groceries, and take my music lessons.”
“I’ll bet you’re terrific,” Marni gushed. “Will you ever let me hear you?”
“I’ll be part of a little performance next Sunday night,” he said. “If you’re in the Club Starlight between eight and midnight, you’ll hear me.”
“I’ll be there with bells on,” she smiled.

“Well, don’t bring any rotten tomatoes to throw at me,” he said.
“I’m sure you’re very good,” she said.