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Throughout the summer, Charles Marks peddled his bicycle out of the suburbs and on to the town of Woodbridge. He met Mrs. Zigelstein, Ziggy as he called her, under the bridge for lunch. They shared their sandwiches, Charles giving Ziggy one of his salami on rye sandwiches with mustard and Ziggy gave Charlie one of her tuna on toast with mayonnaise sandwiches. Despite the age gap of forty years, they were good friends.

They talked a lot. Obviously, Ziggy had a great deal of life’s experiences to share with Charlie. Charlie shared with Ziggy the excitement of learning, and what life was like in the contemporary world for a fifteen year old. Charlie had turned a year older during the early weeks of their friendship.

They even talked a lot when they returned to Ziggy’s studio to do some work. Ziggy had eagerly offered to pose nude for Charlie, but he refused. He was too intimidated and just not ready to be in the presence of a naked lady. At the same time, he had never stopped thinking about how exciting Ziggy’s body was when she dropped her towel and stood naked in front of him.

Charley did make progress in his self-confidence. He became quite comfortable posing naked for Ziggy. She never stopped drawing and painting him, and eventually did a statue of him. Charley even posed for some of Ziggy’s classes. It didn’t bother him to stand or recline naked in front of half a dozen old ladies. He noticed that attendance at her drawing classes doubled and tripled within a few weeks.

“It’s because of you,” Ziggy said after a full class had left. “The ladies like to look at your beautiful smooth body and cute little penis… and so do I.” Charley blushed and Ziggy hugged his cool nakedness to her and kissed him on top of his head.

This kind of life continued through two summers, when Charley was fifteen and then sixteen. At sixteen he earned his driver’s licence so his weekly studio sessions with Mrs. Zigelstein’s classes continued through the winter. His body changed, he developed hair in his pubic area, on his chest, arms and legs. His penis matured, and he was getting many offers from Ziggy’s students for private sessions.

The summer he was eighteen, Charley spent almost every day in Woodbridge. Eventually, in august, Ziggy asked him to stay overnight. Charley texted his mother to tell her he was going to stay in Woodbridge. He spent the evening talking and laughing
with Ziggy. They sat around a coffee table and discussed the difference in their ages. Charley was eighteen and Ziggy was fifty-nine.

They went to her kitchen together and laughed while they prepared a stir fry with pork, vegetables and bean sprouts. They cut vegetables and pork into smaller pieces and Ziggy took a joint out of her spice rack. They smoked it cheerfully while they cooked.

“I was thinking, we’ve been friends for five years, Ziggy,” Charley said.

“It’s interesting isn’t it, that our mutual affection should be so durable, in spite of four decades difference in our ages,” Ziggy said.

“I think it’s because you’re not really an older lady,” Charley said. “You’re youthful and energetic, and you are still interested in life’s potential. I’m sure it’s obvious that I love you, Ziggy.”

“I’m sure it’s obvious that I love you, too, Charley,” she said

They made love together that night for the first time. It was good because it was real.