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Rosalie greeted Big Mike Fedora at the door. She wore a black negligée that was designed to let her nipples stick out through holes in the right places.

“What’s up with this?” Mike growled.

“All the girls figured if our protection from the police is detective inspector Mikhail Fedorov,” Rosalie said, “we should be able to pay our way in better surroundings than an unmarked cop car.”

“So?” Big Mike said.

“So we rented this little apartment that we share for tricks,” she said. “Meanwhile, our favourite cop, Big Mike Fedora, can be treated better, as befits his position of power.”

Rosalie took Mike’s coat and fedora and put them aside. Mike sat at one end of the sofa and Rosalie knelt over his lap and put one of her protruding nipples into his mouth. He sucked on it so it changed shape and she detected in Mike’s pants that his penis was changing shape at the same time.

She slid off of his lap to kneel on the floor between Mike’s legs. She pulled down his zipper and released the penis from Mike’s shorts. She kissed it gently, and caressed it with her finger tips while Mike’s head lolled back on the sofa and he moaned softly.

“Get undressed,” Rosalie said. “I’ve always wondered what you’d look like naked, ‘cause you’re a big, strong guy.”

“What’s in it for me, if I get naked?” Mike said.

“What would you like to be in it for you?” Rosalie said. Mike paused for a moment. This could be an opportunity to get something special.

“Get another girl in here with you,” he said, “so I can have a lot of fun with both of you.”

Rosalie wrapped a floor-length glistening silver satin robe around her naked body and stepped out onto the street. Dolly, the tall, plump hooker in the leather mini skirt was nearby and responded to Rosalie’s signal.

Dolly stripped down and so did Big Mike. Dolly looked over at Mike, standing there with his erection saluting proudly. He instructed her to bend over the arm of the sofa, which she did with a smile. Then he told Rosalie to sit on top of the sofa backrest so he could reach her vagina with his mouth.
Big Mike approached Dolly from the rear and penetrated her vagina. At the same time, he began to kiss and lick Rosalie’s vagina. Suddenly, he pulled his large penis out of Dolly’s vagina and plunged it into her anus. She cried out in surprise, but not pain. It was her preferred form of sex.

While licking Rosalie’s clitoris, Mike pushed his thick index finger into her anus. This resulted in a loud cry of pleasure from Rosalie as she had deep contractions in a rapid succession of orgasms.

Later, the three of them sat naked on the sofa, Big Mike in the middle, Dolly on the right side of him, Rosalie on the left.

“Have you enjoyed yourself, officer Mike,” Rosalie said.

“It’s a lot better than having you just blow me in the car,” Mike said.

“Can we expect, now, that you’ve been properly served in return for your protection?” Dolly said.

Big Mike suddenly flew into a rage. He put his big arms around the necks of the girls beside him and squeezed. They choked out please to be released. He released them and stood up to turn and slap each of them, hard.

“You don’t tell me when I’m satisfied,” he shouted. “I tell you, what I want and when I want it! Am I understood?”

The two bruised girls conceded that the demands were understood. Mike went into the bathroom, showered quickly, dressed and left. The girls then showered together, enjoyed lathering each other, and left.

Two days later, Big Mike Fedora received and DVD at headquarters. He went into the interview observation room and slid the disc into the player.

His blood turned cold in his veins when he saw himself having sex with the two hookers. When he heard himself shout ‘I tell you what I want and when I want it’, he knew the hookers had him nailed. One misstep by Detective Inspector Mikhail Fedorov and the media as well as the police commissioner would receive copies of the DVD.

Renee would never have to return to the streets, now that she has her sister Diane to guide her.