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After she was certain that her battered sister Renee was stabilized and in good hands at the hospital, Doctor Diane Goldstone sat in her office, unable to return to the paperwork chores that needed to be completed. When she learned that her sister had been admitted as a beaten street person, her life’s focus changed.

Diane was disturbed by the information that her sister Renee had been a prostitute to keep up with her drug addiction. Added to that, during Renee’s six years away their father had died. So Renee, a hooker on the street, was to receive a share of her father’s fortune, as had Diane. They were to evenly divide one hundred and twenty-seven million dollars. While Renee had been humiliating herself and inviting disease, she could have been living comfortably if Diane had been able to find her.

The hooker was speaking out at considerable risk to herself when she told Diane that Detective Inspector Big Mike Fedora had beaten Renee. It was the first Diane knew of her sister in six years, and had been secretly afraid that Renee would come to this kind of tragic situation.

During the weeks of repair and rehabilitation of Renee Goldstone’s battered face and body, Diane spent her spare hours planning a vengeful response to Big Mike’s violence. She and Renee had about sixty-three million dollars each. Money was not likely to be a problem in executing the plans Diane was making.

During the weeks of Renee’s recovery, Diane began to put together the components of her vengeance plan. She bought a basement apartment in an old building near the street walkers’ stroll. As with most old, solid brick buildings, it was soundproof and had a ten foot high ceiling. She had a king sized bed put into the bedroom. Comfortable sofas, chairs and a chaise, convenient tables, lamps and ashtrays were arranged in the living room.

What didn’t show in the comfortable flat were cameras. Tiny fibre optic digital things that can be easily disguised and hidden in plain sight were installed throughout the flat. Twelve cameras in all would record views in the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen alcove and the bathroom.

Big Mike had gone on with his daily life without a moment’s thought of what he had done to Renee Goldstone. He continued to do his good police work and brought perpetrators to justice. Of course, there are those times when he needs a woman. That’s when he drives through the stroll.

Doctor Diane Goldstone went to the prostitutes stroll to seek out the black girl that had told her about witnessing her sister Renee’s beating. She took the girl to the nearby basement apartment and outlined her plan to stop Big Mike Fedora in his tracks.
Big Mike stopped at the curb in front of Rosalie and called her over to the car. Rosalie undulated her voluptuous body over to the car window.

“Looking for a party, officer Fedorov?” Rosalie said. She leaned in the window to flash a pair of breathtaking breasts.

“Get in and suck the juice out of me,” Big Mike said.

“I have a better idea, chief,” Rosalie said. “See that basement door over there under the steps? That’s my new pad. Why don’t we meet over there when you’re not busy and we can experiment with all the lovely tricks of the trade?”

Mike looked at his watch.

“I’ll see you there at four thirty,” Mike said.

“I’ll be there, hot and ready, Big Mike,” Rosalie said.