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Gradually, Vivian Montgomery came to understand that she had become an ‘agent’ of Black’s Bikers, as she came to know them. Jake rolled a joint and offered it to Vivian.  She recoiled as though it was a poisonous snake. Jake languidly put a match to the joint and put it between his lips.  Vivian finished her beer and said goodbye. Trudging up the road in her heavy, mud-laden boots, she remembered Jake’s face when he said, ‘now you’re in trouble anyway’.  It made her wonder how much trouble she might be in – from Black, or Jake, or any other of these criminal outcasts.

A few days after she had done her first gardening job at plot ‘C’, the mud road had dried and was again dirt. Unexpectedly, Black came rumbling down into the valley on his glossy Harley-Davidson. He rode past Jake’s cabin and parked at Viv’s place. He looked through her home when she saw that she was out.  From the front deck, he could see her robe on a tree branch beside the valley lake. Just beyond, he saw her swimming smoothly out from shore.

Black made his way down to to water’s edge. He sat on a log near Vivian’s robe.  Vivian was focused on her swimming, stroking along smoothly, obviously exercising. She didn’t notice Black until she approached shore near her robe. She stood up in waist-deep water and exposed that she was skinny dipping… swimming nude. She looked to her robe and saw Black sitting beside it.  She frantically plunged down in the water to hide her breasts.

“I wanted to ask you about your first day on the job,” he said. “But y’know, you just showed me something that changed my mind.  “I’ll join you.”

Black stripped down to his bare skin and stood unashamed and naked on the beach.  He waded slowly into the refreshingly cold water.

“No, wait! What are you doing?” Vivian said, moving into deeper water, taking care to keep only her head above the surface.

“You’re a nice package, y’know, lady.” he said, slowly wading in until the water at last immersed his penis.  Vivian wondered at the kind of man who could comfortably expose himself like that.  She also wondered of what else he might be capable.  He approached her in shoulder-deep water and she turned to escape. With a mighty plunge, Black streaked along underwater and splashed to the surface at Vivian’s back.

Black pinned her arms to her sides, his chest to her back while his hands cupped her breasts. Vivian didn’t call out, because there was no one to respond anyway. There was Jake, but he wasn’t going to interfere with Black, no matter what.

Vivian struggled and wriggled and Black held her easily, even gently, and laughed merrily at her efforts. Suddenly, Viv felt Black’s stiffening penis against her behind. She redoubled her efforts.  Black turned her around, hugged her to press her breasts to his chest while his penis poked at her Venus delta.