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After he took a cursory look around Vivian’s cabin, Black dropped himself into a large armchair and looked over at Viv, who was cowering against the wall.

“This is a pretty fancy place,” Black said. “Where’s the dough come from?”

“I had it,” Vivian said.

“That’s a stupid answer,” Black said. “Do you think I’m stupid?

“Of course not,” Viv stammered. “At this moment, you’re very much in charge.”

“It’s good that you acknowledge that,” he said.

“I earned it and saved up until I could live here and not work,” she said.

“Not work, eh?” Black said. “Well, I have a job for you.”

“I don’t want a job.  I’m retired,” Viv said.  “I worked long and hard, and I’m done with it.”

“I hope you’ll reconsider,” Black grinned, “because it could be important to your life.”

“Are you threatening me?” Vivian said.

“Most assuredly,” Black said, with a big grin on his handsome face.

“You mean, I have to work for you or else?” she said.

“That’s it,” Black said, still smiling.

“That’s terrible!”

“It could be worse,” Black laughed.

“How?” Vivian said, almost sobbing. “How could it be worse?”

“I could make you my bitch,” he said, in a softer voice.  “You’re good lookin’, and I’m betting you’re a great fuck.”

“Don’t you dare!” Vivian shouted.  “Don’t you dare rape me!”

“You’re cute, y’know, Viv.  Vivacious Viv is what I’ll call you,” Black said.

“Anyway, tomorrow you get your tutorial from Jake,” Black said, getting out of the chair.  He walked up close to Vivian so they were nose to nose.  “And if you don’t do your job properly, I will make you my bitch instead.”

Black went to the door and turned back to Vivian.

“By the way,” he said.  “I ain’t askin’ you to be a slave.  Do the job right, and you get five Gs… that’s five thousand dollars a month.

Black left the house, and Vivian slumped to the floor in tears.  She listened to the throaty rumble of his Harley-Davidson as he rolled down the road to Jake’s cabin where the other two bikers waited patiently, leaning on their motorcycles, smoking and chatting with Jake.

“Tomorrow morning, Jake,” Black said, “you go up to Viv’s cabin and take her over to plot ‘C’ and show her what to do, how to do it and when to do it.”

“And if she refuses?” Jake said.

“She won’t,” Black said. “Her situation has been explained to her, and I believe she is going to do her best.”

“I guess if she’s doin’ the same work as the rest of us, she can’t blow the whistle ’cause she’s one of us,” Jake said.

“Yeah, something like that,” Black said.  He fired up his bike and started a slow rumble over the rough, rocky road.  The other two quickly mounted their bikes and followed in Black’s dust.