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Jake returned from making his call and released Vivian from the locked bathroom. He sat her at his kitchen table.

“What’s happening?” Viv asked.  “How long do I have to be away from my home?”

Jake was rolling a joint with surprising dexterity, and didn’t look up to answer.

“It’s up to Black,” he said and licked the glue edge of the rice rolling paper. He held the joint in two fingers and lit it with his lighter.

“Who is Black? What the hell is going on?” she pleaded.

“He’s my boss.  I’m just an agent for him.  He won’t be happy that an outsider saw his grow-op.”

“Well, when will he decide to kill me or release me?” she said with a challenging tone.

“After he talks to you,” Jake said, clearly bored with the chore of holding Vivian.

“I’m not going to have to wait a week or something, am I?” she said.

“You’re lucky,” he said. “He’s in St.Mathias to see his sister’s new baby, so he’ll be here very soon.”

Hardly had Jake finished speaking when the distinctive sound of several Harley-Davidson V-twin engines could be heard approaching. Vivian was gripped in an icy clutch of fear. She had read and viewed many tales of the violent acts of biker club members.

The door swung open and three leather-clad bikers entered.  The leader, Black, was a tall, handsome, clean-shaven man. One of the other riders was a man, sporting the often seen straggly beard and drooping moustache.  The third was a woman about Vivian’s age, with platinum blonde hair and milk chocolate coloured skin.

Black took the chair beside Vivian’s, put an elbow on the table and turned his face to her and rested his cheek on his hand.  He looked into her eyes for what seemed to her like a couple of minutes.  The other two characters took up chairs at the table as well, and watched, silently.

Vivian couldn’t think of anything to do in this situation, so she just gazed back into Black’s eyes, expressionless as she could make her features. Black let her eyes go and lounged back in his chair.

“I like you,” Black said. He turned to Jake. “I like her,” he said.

“I’m sorry I saw your plantation,” Vivian said.  “I really am. I mean you no harm, and I have no motive to say anything to anyone, especially the cops.”

“Where do you live?” he asked.

“That’s my place up the road, on the other side of the valley,” she said, gesturing.

“Let’s go see it,” Black said, and stood up. He went to the door followed by the two followers and Jake took her arm and led her out of the cabin. Three gleaming Harley-Davidson motorcycles were parked on the road. Black mounted one that was a beautiful glossy finish in dark metallic green.

“Mount up, woman,” Black said. “Maybe I’ll make you my bitch.”

Vivian climbed onto the rear seat and they rode up to her cabin.  The other two riders stayed with Jake. That made her more nervous than she would have been with all of them – including Jake.

“Show me your place,” Black said, and walked in ahead of Vivian.