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The ancient arboreal forest was intimidating to most people.  That’s a big part of the reason why Viv loved it – people tended to avoid the area.  So the only neighbours she’s likely to have are people like herself, who enjoy simpler environments.

Viv moved into the cabin on her own. She told her parents that the life she’s chosen could not be realized if she didn’t leave. The burden of their wealth was a major motivation for Vivian Montgomery’s decisions. The constant need to do the right thing, be in the right place, wear the right clothes, belong to the right clubs and on and on was not the life Viv wanted for herself.

She didn’t know exactly what life was going to be like.  She was accustomed to a following of young men, and she knew that it was only half because she was very attractive and half because she was wealthy.  She shunned the dating scene, and was pleased to realize that any people she met in this remote area, or the small village that was just fifteen miles away, would have no idea who she was.

Soon, Vivian began to take stock of her situation.  Her cabin was three miles down a dirt road from a five mile dirt road from an old, broken, paved two lane road.  No municipal services like mail delivery, snow clearing or garbage collection.  There was, however, electricity, so she was able to make the cabin interior quite luxurious.

No telephone wires so no telephone, no Internet, no cable.  There was not even a cellphone tower within reach.  One had to walk a mile to a hilltop to make any contact at all.  She had seen a man around a  small cottage on the side of the hill across the valley.   He was the only person within reach of her property, so she would have to ask him how the civilized services are handled.

She had a snow-blower, a four-wheel-drive truck and a four-wheel-drive ATV, so she felt fairly confident that she could take care of herself. She installed a large freezer, electric heat in addition to two wood-burning stoves.  Her wood shed was filled to capacity with dried, cut and split hardwood fuel.

“I’m going to love it here,” Vivian Montgomery said aloud.  She looked at the disarray that surrounded her, chose which box to unload first, and set to work.